With the beautiful hot weather upon us, and late Friday and Saturday nights, what SLAPS better than a good brunch on the weekend? Mimosas and eggs benedict for the win.

Going out for brunch can be cool - but what about planning one in your own garden with some good mates?

Here are 5 ways to plan the perfect, eco-friendly brunch.


    1. Order some beautiful, farm fresh, organic ingredients from a place like Ganico - from fresh veg and fruit to organic eggs to make pancakes and waffles with - YES PLEASE! Farm to table menu is what we are looking for.
    2. Do it at home, and encourage your friends to Uber to you, instead of all coming in their separate cars, to reduce the carbon footprint!
    3. Aim for a zero waste brunch: Compost your food scraps. French press your coffee, dig out the cloth napkins and use eco-friendly tableware and cutlery like our picnic kits - complete with everything you need and absolutely EVERYTHING compostable. Have recycle bins there and cutely (and clearly) labelled.
    4. Give your guests seeds to plant veg, fruit, or flowers in their gardens in cute thank-you favours, like the plantable chocolate slabs available at Yuppiechef. Also consider giving them each their own silicone straws that they can keep and reuse at home.
    5. Avoid using bottled water - fill reusable large jugs of water with filtered water which is available at R1 per litre at h20 stores, and serve either in biodegradable cups or glass bottles. Avoid plastic containers which need to be thrown away and cause waste. Any possible waste once again - recycle!

Do you have anymore amazing suggestions to share with us?