Embrace conscious consumerism

If conscious consumerism is your vibe, read our blog where you'll find helpful tips and tricks on incorporating these environmentally friendly alternatives into your lifestyle choices.

Organic tableware by Earthware

Experience the best of eco-friendly dining with Earthware's organic tableware. Made from natural palm leaves, our disposable tableware is perfect for any occasion - and it's good for the planet too!
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Nice day for a green wedding

Make your next event eco-friendly with Earthware compostable tableware. Ditch the plastic and opt for our organic, sustainable plates for a greener celebration.
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Easy + brilliant ideas for an eco-friendly wedding!

Plan the perfect eco-friendly wedding with Earthware. Discover our top tips and favourite ideas on how to make your special day gentle towards nature.
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A Guide to compostable plates and how to dispose them correctly!

Compostable plates are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic or plastic-coated paper plates. Made from organic materials, compostable plates are useful...

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