We are so excited to introduce the ultimate organic disposable tableware available on the planet, it is as good as picking up a leaf in your garden, eating on it, and throwing it back into your flower bed when you’re done - seems impossible right? Organic Tableware by Earthware is just that.

When the Areca palm naturally drop their leaves, they are collected washed and formed into various shapes and sizes. The outcome - naturally beautiful, one of a kind plates, platters and bowls.

This amazing tableware is nothing new and are widely available in Southern Asia. Palm leaf tableware even dates back to ancient times, although not much proof remains - but that’s just it, no proof remains because Ecoplates are gone in sixty days. So except for ancient writings and passed on traditions, these plates left no mark except for fertile healthy soil.

We can just imagine how people thousands of years ago, collected these leaves fed their families on them and then returned the used plates to the soil for more Areca Palms to grow. It is really sad that that will not be our legacy as many things we use will still be around even when we are long gone. It is truly wonderful that this option of disposable ware is now available to us, we get to be responsible now and we get to do so beautifully - beautiful tableware from the earth.

At Earthware we are passionate about wholesome living, respecting natures laws and taking care of the earth.

Earthware Team