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Below are some of are common questions about Earthware Lifestyle

Throw them in the trash no problem, wherever they end up - no harm will be done.

Ideally break them up and throw them onto your compost heap or work them into your garden. They will naturally decompose after 4 - 6 weeks.

No, only leaves that have fallen naturally are used. No trees are harmed in the process of making palm leaf plates, platters and bowls.

Each palm leaf plate reflect the unique properties of the leaf it’s made from. No two leaves are the same, therefore the colour, texture and thickness will vary.

No. Only water and heat is used in the manufacturing process.

No. All of Earthware's palm leaf tableware have been sterilised prior to packaging so there's no need for you to wash them.

Palm leaf plates and bowls are designed for single-use purposes, but depending on what you have served on them, you might be able to wash and reuse them. As they are not treated with a protective coating, we cannot legally recommend washing and reusing the plates, however many users have done so with no issues - use your own discretion. Hand wash and set out to dry, do not put palm leaf plates in the dishwasher.

Palm leaf tableware are pretty strong and sturdy and you can easily use your steak knive to cut your food. Compared to paper plates they are on another level.

Absolutely! Palm leaf plates are sturdy enough to withstand knife and fork cuts and punctures.

Yes! They can hold hot or cold liquids no problem. They will only become soggy after some hours but will not leak. The bowls are ideal for soups, curries and other liquids.

No, we use biodegradable plant based bags that will naturally compost.

Palm leaf plates have excellent insulating properties and can be used to re-heat food in the microwave for up to 2 minutes. The plates and bowls can also be used in the oven at 180° for a maximum of 45 minutes. Wet the plate before placing it in the oven to keep it in even longer. (Ideal for roasted chicken)

There is no flavour transfer from the palm leaf plate to the food. Since there are no added chemicals no toxins will leach into your food.

Yes! Food can be safely stored in the fridge and freezer. Liquids can make the palm leaf bowls go soft but they will not leak.

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